On The Verge Artist: Coco Jones Reveals The True Meaning Of 'ICU'

Coco Jones

Photo: Breyona Holt for Exquisite Eye

Coco Jones is finally stepping into the spotlight as the soulful R&B singer she's always been at heart.

After amassing millions of followers across multiple social media platforms, the 25-year-old artist, who's iHeartRadio's latest On The Verge Artist, just released the deluxe version of her debut EP What I Didn't Tell You via High Standardz/Def Jam Records. The project features her DJ Camper-produced single "ICU," which is a passionate tune about where she stands with her former love. Jones says the track truly allowed her to open up about her past relationship.

"The inspiration behind 'ICU' was really just being transparent," Jones tells iHeartRadio. "When I first heard the track, I knew it required me to be really vulnerable and that was one of my more personal stories about someone that I loved, that I can't have because my career makes me just not available. And then when I am available, he's not because of his career and honestly the farther we are from each other, the more we want to be with each other."

"ICU" is one of 11 tracks on the deluxe version of the EP. Other stand-out tracks include her collaboration with Babyface, "Simple" and "Spend It," which was co-written by 'Face, Jones and more.

Prior to her opportunity with High Standardz/Def Jam, Jones had released plenty of music independently like her 2018 single "Just My Luck." In fact, she's been recording music since she was she was 9 thanks to her supportive mother, who was also a singer. While growing up in Nashville, Tenn., Jones' passion for music led her to her breakthrough acting role on Disney's musical sketch comedy So Random! In 2011.

From there, Coco Jones appeared in several other productions from Disney's TV movie Let It Shine to Netflix's recent horror comedy Vampires vs. the Bronx. She currently stars as Hilary Banks in Peacock's dramatic reboot Bel-Air. While acting keeps her booked and busy, she'll will always find solace in making music.

"What I want my fans to know about me and my music is that I'm really just like them," Jones says. "I feel like there's this wall sometimes when you see an artist and you think they haven't been through anything... um yes. Very much the same life, same battles, same struggles. That's why I want my songs to be relatable because I feel like we all go through the same things."

Coco Jones recently celebrated the release of her EP and her 25th birthday last week with a slew of talented artists at Melrose Place in Los Angeles. As Grey Goose-based drinks named after songs from her EP circulated throughout the party, Jones was spotted celebrating with Chance The Rapper, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Christina Milian, Jozzy and plenty more.

Check out her new EP What I Didn't Tell You on iHeartRadio now!

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