The Queen of Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, Hates Horror & Blood

Okay, can you say "golden find"? I've been eternally obsessed with Scream Queens starring Emma Roberts (AHS), Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis & Billie Lourd (also AHS) since it hit Hulu a couple weeks ago, so these interviews have been so fun to watch (way more fun than season 2, which was clearly the show's weakest link). Hopefully the rumors of a season 3 being in talks comes to actual fruition, because I really want to see what we'd get in the show's second-chance-run. I absolutely adored Scream Queens' first season, season 2 just took the cheese a little too far.

Scroll through to 11:20 in the above video for proof of Jamie Lee Curtis' hatred for all things horror, which further highlights her incredible acting in all the iconic Halloween movies. I love Halloween and all its things so much!


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