Miley & Liam Win 'Pettiest Breakup of 2019' Award

I don't have enough time to put them on full break-up-blast, but you can find a rundown here. You know I love and adore Miley Cyrus, but the pettiness has just been so. much. lately.

Liam's now making it super obvious he wanted a wholesome, take-home-to-mama / act-a-certain-way type of girl, so the divorce is making more and more sense with each passing post. He found rebound love with Maddison Brown, Miss Miley found it with Cody Simpson (I know, flashback city, right?).

No matter the real story, we'd like to have that rather than a petty overload of passive aggressive posts obviously aimed toward each other. How can we believe in ultimate forgiveness otherwise? It's not their jobs to give us what we may or may not want, nor is it ours to ask them for that / judge in any way. Just remember love speaks the loudest and express yourself however you damn well please if it brings you peace. Then pick up and move on, bb's. We ALL have things in our past that deserve one hell of a middle finger show, and you're absolutely entitled to choose that route. However, make it a short one. Then when you're ready find the other side where pure happiness always rebounds harder than your pain felt at the time. The good ones always go further.


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