MEGAN THEE STALLION: Highest Rated SNL Premiere in Years

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • It’s worth noting that the sketch comedy show always seems to do a little better in election years. 
  • My takeaway isSNLis a lot more interesting when it’s not so white. 
  • If you're looking to top the charts or spike your ratings number, you need to call Thee Stallion.
  • I hope they realize we were mainly watching to see Megan.
  • It may have been her first time on the show but I have a feeling it won't be her last. 
  • That's what you call "Savage."

They say men lie and women lie, but numbers don’t. And according to the stats,Megan Thee Stallion is the best thing to happen to SNL in a long time.

Thee Stallion appeared as musical guest over the weekend, helping the season premiere earn the highest ratings in four years. Meg and host Chris Rock, with a little help from all-star drop-ins by Alec Baldwin,Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph, wound up scoring 7.765 million viewers on Saturday night. That’s one and a half million more people than the number that tuned in for the previous season’s premiere. It’s also the second most-watched episode of the show in over three years, behind the Eddie Murphy episode from last December which featured musical guest Lizzo

Megan enjoyed a bunch of screentime for her Studio 8H debut. In addition to the standard two song performances, she popped up in two sketches -- a music video about dating during the pandemic and a scene about NBA players drafting women to keep them company in the bubble. 

Meg’s on-stage activism in the form of a “Savage” remix and visuals calling out Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron and begging viewers to “protect Black women” earned her a shout-out from the Black Lives Matter organization. An official Twitter account wrote, “we see you. We honor you. We are so grateful for you! #ProtectBlackWomen #BlackWomenAreDivine. Thank you @NBCSNL for the platform and for Meg Thee Stallion for using it to call for the protection of Black women.”(Deadline)

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