Americans Support Strengthening Women in Society

Last week, women all over the world celebrated International Women’s Day, which aims to highlight the issue of gender equality, and while there’s still a long way to go, it seems most folks in America are on board with the idea.

A new Harris Poll survey finds that 66% of Americans say they support efforts to strengthen and change women's status in society. Overall, men and women are equally likely to share this opinion (68% men, 64% women), while 83% of Democrats are in favor of strengthening women’s status, as opposed to 52% of Republicans and 64% of Independents who feel the same.

As for who’s responsible for improving the lives of women, the poll finds that 91% of people believe women shoulder most of the responsibility. Men are also viewed as being somewhat responsible (78%) as are business (75%), schools (73%), communities (72%), the media (63%) and government (62%). 

Source: The Harris Poll

LINDSAY'S TAKE I think this is very accurate latter is more accurate. I believe, if you want to earn esteem whether it be in a social groups, PTA or even in your business environment you have to show you A.) want it and B.) why you deserve it. If you do that you will have taken charge of how people see you instead of letting them dictate how you are to be seen. Crazy right? I know.

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