Spin Class? Ya or Na?

Finding new an ways to stimulate your brain and body while working out is the new hurdle I've come to in my journey to get active! You only need about 2 and a half hours of exercise a week to be considered active...broken down...that's a half an hour a day. 

Spin Class has never been high on my list of choices but thanks to the website Byrdie I might give it more of a shot. 

Here are the many things spinning does for the body according to Brydie:

#1  - Easy on the Joints 

Being that it is a low impact exercise you can get your cardio in with out risking injury or worsening injury to you hips, knees or ankles.

#2 -  Decreases Stress 

Indoor cycling helps release endorphins in an adrenalin rush which has been proven to lower stress levels. 40-60 minutes of cycling are recommended for a quick effective way to relieve stress and improve physical fitness. 

#3 -  Burns Fat 

Cycling burns calories at a very high rate on average people burn 400-600 calories per session. Both a fast and effective cardiovascular work out. 

#4 - Improves Strength

You might be surprised to find that spin class helps build muscle strength without building bulk. Slow twitch muscle fibers are designed for endurance cycling sessions build these fibers and increase strength while also give you that more toned physique.

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