R. Kelly Ordered To Pay Victim $300,000 For Issues Caused By Sex Abuse

R. Kelly

Photo: Getty Images

R. Kelly may be ordered by a judge in New York to pay restitution for one of the victims he sexually abused for years.

On Wednesday, September 28, the convicted sex offender virtually appeared at a federal courtroom in Brooklyn from his current holding facility in Chicago to discuss when and how he was going to pay restitution to one victim, who accused the singer of giving her herpes at one point during their abusive relationship. U.S. district judge Ann Donnelly is finalizing the restitution order that will force Kelly to pay more than $300,000 to the unnamed victim to cover treatment for the sexually transmitted disease and psychotherapy.

During the hearing, prosecutors asserted that R. Kelly has access to at least $5 million along with the $28,000 that was recently seized from his inmate commissary. The funds in his commissary were mostly comprised of donations from fans. His defense attorney Jennifer Bonjean said that he doesn't have access to any other funds due to judgments in other civil cases against him. She also said Kelly isn't "the best source of information" when it comes to her client's finances.

The total amount could go up since another victim's healthcare costs are also being added to the restitution order. A third victim also made accusations against Kelly, but the judge ultimately denied the accuser's claims. Listen to what The Breakfast Club had to say about R. Kelly above.

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