Juvenile Says New Hot Boys Album Is In The Works

Hot Boys

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The Hot Boys are back together and working on new music, according to Juvenile.

Juvie made the revelation while he was talking to fans on Instagram Live Sunday, May 19. During the livestream, he responded to a fan's request to "put the Hot Boys back together." That's when he confirmed he will reunite with Turk, B.G., Birdman, Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne on stage this summer, and revealed a new project is in the works.

"Hot Boys is back together, what you talking about?" Juvie said into the camera. "And we already started working on the Hot Boys album. Any other f**king questions?"

It's been over 20 years since Hot Boys released their last album Let 'Em Burn via Cash Money. Since then, Weezy, Juvie, Turk and B.G. have all gone on to have their own successful solo careers. The last time the group reunited on wax was on songs like Mannie Fresh's 2016 song "Hate" and the late Bankroll Fresh's "Hot Boy (Remix)" with Wayne, Turk and Juvenile. Of course, B.G. was still incarcerated at the time both songs came out. Ever since he was released last year, BGizzle has been telling fans about his intentions to make new music with the Hot Boys.

"I hope a n***a get off they High Hourse so we can do that Hot Boys album," B.G. said back in December. "It’s always smart to give the streets what they want,that’s what Soulja Slim told me💯💯💯💯Hot Boy 4–Life."

A new Hot Boys could arrive just in time for their official reunion this summer. Earlier this month, Birdman announced the Cash Money Millionaires will headline Essence Fest in New Orleans on July 4th Weekend. The event will help celebrate Cash Money's 30th anniversary and is expected to bring together all of Cash Money's key players including Hot Boys and more.

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