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Let Yourself Change Episode 55

This week another planet you hear about often is going Retrograde Jan 14th, Mercury in the sign of Aquarius. No need to panic and run for cover because this is not an apocalypse it’s a retrograde. So Mercury is in charge of travel, communication, technology. These things may not work as well during this time but I promise the sky isn’t falling chicken little, just reroute. Now this retrograde may put some things into perspective when it comes to the pandemic. Aquarius is a revolutionary sign that’s all about telling the truth and making change for the better. Pay attention these next few weeks. The Jordan Peele size plot twist won’t disappoint!

This week we have The World card in reverse. The World card represents the super conscious which is the part of you that recognizes your role in the world. If the card is in reverse it takes on the opposite meaning. Right now you may find yourself searching for what it all means. That may have to do with a retrograde Venus aligned with Pluto, the planet of dreams and spirituality. Deeply rooted beliefs may no longer be true, allow yourself to change.

Your Sun sign is the Zodiac sign you know. If you haven’t done you natal/birth chart then you may not know your rising sign. It’s called a Sun sign because that’s the constellation the Sun was in when you were born. The Rising sign is the constellation when the Sun was rising every morning during the time you were born. Your Rising sign is how people see your personality. Since the Sun is in Capricorn we’ll start there!

Capricorn Sun/Rising- The Five of Cups

Five is the number of conflict and change. The Cups suite in tarot is Water energy i.e. emotions, the unconscious, and intuition. Remember The World card? Yea, sis change is great but it’s not without conflict. You want to keep what’s familiar even if it doesn’t work. If the light bulb blew out stop putting off changing it out of convince. Do the work, the uncomfortable emotional work.

Aquarius Sun/Rising- The Magician

What you want you can have. Remember your goals don’t have to be huge and validated to be desired. If you do choose to go big approach with small wins that lead to the overall finish line. Not a single person competitively running a race just woke up with the goal and showed up to the event.

Pisces Sun/Rising- Page of Pentacles Reversed

Tarot has a royal suite, yea like Kings and Queens. Think of the Page as the child of royalty. Children are great messengers with their pure perception and ability to be a student. Could greed and laziness be the reason you’re off balance. The Pentacle suite is Earth energy which is all about stability and security. When you take more than you need or even have to give in return you lose ground. Something tells me someone needs a budget and maybe not JUST financially.

Aries Sun/Rising- The Fool

The first card in The Major Arcana of tarot is The Fool, it’s a term of endearment. It refers to a person continually learning to evolve. You are more aware of yourself than you’ve ever been. This week mediate on how your experience nurtured you into who you have become. If you find something you don’t like don’t deny it, clean it up!

Taurus Sun/Rising- Ten of Pentacles Reverse

Ten is the number of completion and the Pentacle energy matches your Earth energy with security and stability. The card is in reversed so we get an opposite meaning like resources going MIA. How Sway? Well, like Pisces you haven’t balanced your budget. You keep giving away without refilling or even being allowed to be refilled. If you understood how important your legacy was maybe you’d be less reckless with your resources.

Gemini Sun/Rising- Knight of Wands in Reverse

Consider the Knight a teenager. Always ready to jump into action. The Wands suite brings Fire energy so we’re talking passion and willpower. Being impulsive works until it doesn’t. You are no longer in a position to go without a plan, not to say you need to plan forever but you definitely need to plan now. IF you want your desires fulfilled get a plan.

Cancer Sun/Rising- Five of Pentacles Reverse

Five is a number of conflict and change. The Pentacle suite is and Earth energy about security and stability. Since this card is in reverse the meaning is opposite, things have actually looked up. There may have been a time of struggle and you may find it hard to feel secure with all of your current wins. This is really your time to win so celebrate, it’s safe!

Leo Sun/Rising- Knight of Cups Reverse

The Cup suite gives us Water energy, intuition and emotions. The Knight is giving teenager let’s jump right into-action even if there isn’t a plan energy. Since your card is reversed this meaning is opposite. If we were handing out nicknames yours would be Judy Moody this week. Instead of trying to quickly fix your mood with faux positivity give yourself a second to explore what brought these feelings out. Was it a person, place, thing, event? You can learn a lot about yourself exploring your emotions.

Virgo Sun/Rising- Ace of Swords Reverse

Ace is the beginning, the start, let create a new cycle. The Sword suite brings us Air energy, logic and truth. Since the card is reverse we’re talking about the opposite. Nothing really makes sense right now and you’re frustrated. I mean the perfectionist with a game plan should really not be asked to be so impulsive. If ever there was a time to take a crash course in trusting yourself this is it! The universe registered you for this prerequisite because let’s be honest, you would have never signed up.

Libra Sun/Rising- Queen of Wands

The Queen of the suite is the Mother. She nurtures and develops her little babies to be functional. The Wand suite is Fire energy bringing the passion, willpower, and inspiration! This week you are feeling it you want to tackle the resolution because you’re confident you can. Remember this energy when you start to doubt or stop feeling so confident.

Scorpio Sun/Rising- Ace of Cups Reverse

Ace is the beginning, the start, let create a new cycle. The Cup suite gives us Water energy, intuition and emotions. The reversal of this card is playing opposite day. You want to create but you’re just not feeling anything or anyone. All idea feel ridiculous or even stupid. The question is are they really not a good idea or have you made them a bad idea because of what you assume people with think. Creation is personal and really no one’s satisfaction should be a priority but the creator aka you!

Sagittarius Sun/Rising- Seven of Swords Reverse

Seven is everyone’s favorite number of divinity, it represents introspection. The Sword suite brings us Air energy, logic and truth. The card in reverse is giving opposite energy and that’s a good thing. You no longer want to deceive because wearing mask and faking it until you make it is exhausting! You’re ready to embrace that authenticity everyone is always branding. This will not be a easy feat, faking it was a lot easier but less rewarding. Keep moving forward!

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