KANYE: Jacket Release Overwhelms Gap Website

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

Resellers are already flipping these for more than double the price tag.

Sort of weird to launch with a single item and not an entire collection. Maybe this was a test.

Great, now I gotta try and beat the bots to buy stuff from The Gap?

The Gap needs to thank Yeezus for making it more popular than it's been in years.

Talk about a fashion statement. Is he gonna sell the shirts or bags or whatever he's been wearing over his head next?

It’s called the Yeezy Gap Round jacket -- it’s a puffy, bright blue jacket with no zipper, buttons or other enclosure. Kanye’s been spotted rocking the jacket in some recent paparazzi pictures.

The first piece of Yeezy apparel in collaboration with the Gap went on sale this week. There was no announcement before the rollout -- just QR codes that popped up in big cities once the item had gone live. And within just 30 minutes of launch, tens of thousands of users flooded the retailer’s site, making it impossible to check out. According to sources, this is the most traffic the retail chain has seen in the website’s history.

Despite the demand, you might still be able to score one at retail. The Gap website has instituted a "virtual waiting room" where you can put in your sizes and wait to see if there's anything still in stock. (TMZ)